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About futureperfected

futureperfected started out as a word and a story developed from it. It is a an image, developed from a photograph. It will be a sound, developed into music.

The words don't mean the images and the images don't mean the words but together they are futureperfected.

futureperfected started in the past but is about the future and in the now, it is unfolding before your very eyes. The following four short stories fractured from it
  1. mon-Itor
  2. Dr. Darius Dream
  3. infinite dreamland
  4. eno volt
f-sections are small splinters from the world
  1. do while
  2. pattern matches
  3. sunglassed
  4. last known good

In this project, I make use of my love of photography as a foundation for something more. The manipulation of sometimes simple, basic photographs, transform into graphic images of futureperfected. Even mistakes can lead to the most startling revelations about the world.

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About murpworks

murpworks is the creative home of artist mu and writer rp. Together, we make up murpworks (as we go along). mu draws, paints, animates & creates, rp photographs, writes & tries to co-ordinate. We are inspired and influenced by a variety of things.

About rp

Photographer and Blogger.

rp was born in Sheffield in 1960. A child of the 60’s, a youth of the 70’s he started his working life in a Public Analyst’s Laboratory. The analysis of rotting sausages, tomato paste mould spore concentrations and such like inspired him to leave to pursue a degree in Biochemistry in Huddersfield. This is where he met mu. Following on from this, in a time that saw Information Technology rise in prominence he got caught up in this flow but successfully swam as a programmer, a database manager and on to global team management. After many years in what he considered a soul-less environment he undertook the dramatic change of career direction to become a nurse. He gained a degree in Adult Nursing, worked as a Staff Nurse in a busy inner city A&E department, as a Staff Nurse in Intensive Care which led on to an Information & Data Analyst role in the Clinical Information Systems team for Critical Care. He currently manages this team. These diverse life experiences have provided a rich background for writing. Literary inspirations and influences include JG Ballard, Tolkien, HP Lovecraft, graphic novels and music tastes that run amok through Prog, Symphonic Metal and all forms of electronic (eclectic as ever). rp started out writting poetry as a creative outlet. He liked to think of himself as The Poet L’Oreal - because he’s worth it! To date he has written several short horror stories (Ooohh) owing a debt of gratitude to Lovecraft and this has led to his recent short stories/novels. Parts I & II of The Rising Tentacle are available to read and Part III is slowly spawning. 'futureperfected' is Science Fiction - unfolding before your very eyes with several short stories fractured from it.

He is happiest when he is tapping some words into a keyboard, preferably in some semblence of a correct order. His focus is upon photography, blogging about music and realising the world of futureperfected.

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