- Voices from The City -


It’s an early morning (well, early for me) and the sun is just starting to glint in through my window, but it won’t. I can blind it out and I will. I don’t even have to lift a finger, the blind automatically tracks the sun and thwarts its ingress. And if I go out, which I often do, to break the existence of day-to-day, I wear my sunglasses. Of course, they are much more than sunglasses, as everything is, today. They provide me with news and things to purchase and entertain me. They also stop the sun.

However, if I really analyse all of this, it’s not the sun I’m cutting out, It’s my interaction with the world. The one that’s outside, that is. The one with its people and its smells and its ups and downs. The one with all the lack of control. If I sit behind the sunshade in my room, just me and my comm deck. If I walk outside with my sunglasses on, I can stay in the world. The one where I control what I interact with. The one with all the control. Yes, it’s much more appealing to be sunglassed.