- Voices from The City -

last known good

In the past, I used to be a different person. A good person. Life was simple, with less needs. I hadn’t accrued a stream of things that needed constant funds to keep me ‘in the style to which I am accustomed... Now? Well, now I have to fund this style, which I wear like a cloak, which quickly became a mantle. A mantle made of exocrete - heavy and inflexible.

I have done things, I do things, which are in my best interests but no-one else’s.

I’d like to get back to the old me, if that is a possibility. But I don’t think it is. I am too much in thrall to The City (make that to those who run The City). Everything I have, all that keeps me here, could I throw it all away? I’d like to get back to my last known good - reset the code.