- Voices from The City -

pattern matches

I do what I’m told. It goes right back to my earliest memories. I was told what to do and told how to do it. I followed and kept in line and up to this point, all was well. I saw patterns for success, patterns for survival, A comfortable survival. There were many patterns out there, all I had to do was match the pattern to the relevant situation and another day passed. I considered it success. Up until now.

I can’t just stop, too much depends upon keeping going. Even today, after all these years, the patterns keep coming. We are fed by The City, fed the patterns. Everyone keeps matching them and moving forward but to what?

I pattern match, it’s what I do. But today, this match, I want to strike it, light a fire and burn it all down. It’s too much. I feel today is the day I fall behind. I don’t think that anyone else feels like this. It seems as though everyone else is moving forward. I don’t though.

I don’t feel much like a pattern matching animal today.