There Was a Time

There was a time but that has now gone. It floated away, like a dandelion seed head I once saw leave the flower and float upwards. It was wrenched away like a sticking plaster pulled with force, too soon, before the underlying cut had had time to heal.

There was a time when everything seemed forever, that nothing would change. As I look back, I realise I was being naive, I was being wasteful, I was being slow.

Now there is time. Too much of it sometimes. I use it to survive. I think I am becoming friends with it again, in a way. Not like we were back then, it is different now. I am wary. No, not wary, I am aware. But yes, we are becoming friends again.

In The Zone, nature has befriended time and she (I feel time is a she - but then again, she contains he, does it not?) has let nature play. I feel I am tolerated. When I first came here, I didn’t feel I would be tolerated. I didn’t feel I would tolerate it. Sometimes, I wonder what time is like in The City. It will be different, no doubt but I wonder if it will be like it was before? I only wonder sometimes. I found that wondering like that did not help me in the beginning. I would not have survived if I had wondered back then.

It is always time for something. I do remember though, there was a time when there was time for nothing.